Monday, February 29, 2016

The Spirit is such a good missionary...

Feb. 29, 2016
My backyard tree :-)
Dear Friends and family,

  Week was great! We went to the temple again, I cannot remember if I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but this time I got to go with my good friend, Elder Johnson from Washington, who was up in Many while i was in Natchitoches. He followed me down here and is now my fearless leader ;)
  I've really grown to appreciate the people around me, especially in the form of leaders or missionaries or plain wise fold who live about me. It isn't as if I had never noticed, but it is that now I realize it is quite a blunder to not notice the enduring and kind things filled with wisdom that others share. 
People keep telling me I'm great but I fight it always, but the fact it keeps happening must mean that I have great friends!!
When people stick up for me, even when they would probably rather not.
Loving me when I can't even love myself.
  This is why a lot of confidence has come my way. It wasn't a miraculous spiritual phenomena, though at times it felt as such, but a process of accepting the good things inside without seeking after it so much. Letting the Lord do His job through the people He Gives that love me.
 Elder Brown's secret birthday party
 (he's the assistant to the president)

  The Sappy stuff out of the way. A 15 yr old girl of LA agrees to be baptized this week. Pretty wonderful! A 16 year old boy also agrees to be taught and eventually baptized this week, with possible families gettin' involved. 
Lots of work, lots of people that need to come back, and tons of potential. Finding many families, very strange but very fun, indeed. The Spirit is such a good missionary I tell you what. The Lord is doing some good work here in Plaquemine and it's fun to watch Him do it. 

LOVEEEEE - Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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