Monday, February 29, 2016

Mardi Gras...children of God...great week in Plaquemine

Feb. 8, 2016
Dear Family and Friends,

  Another good week. By good, I want y'all to know that in reality its darn good. Super darn great! We have a steady occurrence of miracles and we feel blessed, not knowing the cause for such great spirit to be poured. We don't fear anyone and though it be Mardis Gras, all of the people of the community and in the hood, support and love us and give us the respect that we need. 
sista honey and plumb round 2 mardis gras
  Great things that happened this week: 1) a Less-active member we did now know existed, came to church with her not baptized 15 year old, and he wants to learn more. 2) we were confronted by a lot of friendly and also not so friendly, intense personality type children of God. Drunk people respect you when you say your men of God. So a quote from that "hey what y'all doin in the hood?" "well we are walkin' and talkin'" "well why you doin' that?" "because that's what we do" "aright thas coo I can spect that." 3) Cocaine user investigator of ours committed to read the Book of Mormon, and he and his wife want to join our church, after we spoke to them and told them boldly that no other place on earth offers eternal families in the priesthood given to men by God. 
 Baptism pics from Natchitoches, LA

4) Catholic family asks for help bringing in super bowl food on Sunday as we walk by, then tell us to teach their children and help them overcome trials. They accept Book of Mormon and our contact info. Further help will be asked for, I am sure. 
5) we made homemade crawfish etoufee and unified our companionship.
Crawfish Etoufee
6) we have like 7 investigators and 3 less-actives progressing with lots of potentials on almost every street SOO ALRIGHTTTT
  All in all my dearest of readers, we are rockin' the socks off this sweet little city with its rough neighborhoods and unkindly attitudes. The Spirit is the teacher, and all He wants is for us to open our mouths.
District in Natchitoches, LA
According to some people I'm the "leader" of the trio and they always tell me how much of a politician I am. When in reality my companions are the ones who truly lead me and I just speak hahaha. I love them lots, we are strong together. 

love yallllll - elder joshua dean rush

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