Friday, June 27, 2014

MTC...Day 1

Well today was a very exciting day....we received a hand written letter from Josh aka Elder Rush in the mail!!! Yeah! Man I love that kid....he knew I'd be worrying about him :) So I have typed it all up, exactly how he wrote it, to share with you all :)

*June 25th 2014, 10:00pm

Dear Family and Friends,
Today was a wonderful first half day and I can see the Spirit already guide me in his path.  All of my previous worries it seems have been washed away.  My first companion’s name is Elder Gordon and he is from Preston, Idaho and is very mellow and careful when he speaks.  We had investigator situations for class and the whole room I’m in couldn’t speak up because contentions arose when no one in our class of 30 missionaries could remember any talks from last April General Conference.  My room includes Elder Gordon, Elder Brown, and Elder Makin, all of whom are the best that I think I could get.  The Spirit here makes my heart melt, and (mom, thanks for all the cool stuff you “hid” in my bags).  The work is real and now it’s my turn to press it forward.
Love Elder
Joshua Dean Rush
So if anyone is wondering about the hidden stuff.....I got a great idea from my friend, Terryl Warner, to add some fun stuff with scriptures to his bags.  Sarah and I went to Deseret Book and Wal-mart and bought small things like chapstick, pencils, bookmarks, candy, etc, and then I taped scriptures around them :)
Well, until next time....

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

See ya in 2....

OK, Well today is our first post.....MTC drop-off!
Josh was worried about being late and so I was worried about being late, so we left nice and early and stopped at Jeremiah's Restaurant in Ogden for breakfast.

Then we headed to Provo.  We stopped at the Provo Temple and took some pictures.
And then we had an hour and 45 minutes to wait :)
We went and found a gas station, there are no gas stations even close to the MTC, by the way.  Then we came back to wait out our hour, hey, at least we weren't late!
We ran in to the Keller Family, Brayden is headed to Milan, Italy. So, of course, had to get a picture!

At 1:10pm, a few minutes early, we headed to the MTC.  They directed us to our drop off spot.  We thought we had to hurry, but our nice missionary, Elder Crowder, said it was fine for us all to get out, get a pic and a last hug.

So with final goodbyes, we said "See ya in 2"!

So if you would like to write Josh aka Elder Rush by email, his email is....
If you want to write him by snail mail or send him a package at the MTC, his address is....

Elder Joshua Dean Rush JUL08 LA-BAT 2009 N 900 E Unit 151 Provo UT 84602