Monday, February 1, 2016

Birthdays, Fishing and Memories being made....

Jan. 19, 2016
Hello everyone, 

  It was a nice week, pretty mellow, sometimes slow, stressful and trying and rewarding. I will just include the pictures from yesterdays P-day which was MLK Jr. Day, so the libraries were closed and we had to email today. We had the Zone Leaders come down because it was Elder Barney's Birthday! He is one of the friendliest, most fun leaders in all of church history, I think, and we have members that feed us and have a big lake to go fishing, so we did that!! No technology just some poles and beautiful weather. The Smith's are so good to us, and made Barney a cake and had tons of poles and lures. We didn't catch a single thing, except memories!
 Fishing time at Lake Sibley

  I feel like every week sneaks up on me then it's gone, it's so hard to just let it go by, when it seems like things are so slow and that the last 3 transfers have been so long and so uneventful. I cannot say that nothing happened, but maybe it will just take time to see the good that I have prayed to be there. 
  I never thought my faith would extend up until my legs cramped or gave out, but at least I'm not walking in Africa? Positive attitude has been the motto of the week, because if any of you know or knew me, i guess (been a long time), I tend to focus on what lack I yet rather than ye blessed child. It's a bad habit and I am trying to break it. Both Elder Carter and I have coughs, the wind cuts through everything and then our sweat and the outside moisture makes us even colder, doesn't even matter what we wear, the weather has no mercy. Blessings to my family!!!!!!! WOO

Elder Cohen (from Australia/Bountiful, Utah) and Sister Jenkins. plus Elder Johnson in plaid, my comp-Elder Carter behind him, and Sister Bell behind the squinter in the left of the pic who is Elder Nield.

(Just as a side note here from mom, Josh had pneumonia in December, so another cough! Yikes! but he's fine now ;-)

  We took over the primary teaching of an investigator that the sisters were working with, he is great friends with several of the ward members of which we had dinner with this last Friday (with the investigator) and he lived in Colorado and has always had a high respect for the Church and it's members. I believe that in time, hopefully in a short time he will join, because we know he definitely wants to. He likes the eternal family perspective that we all have. I like it too :)
The whole crew playing Catan that my mom sent me
  We taught another investigator about the priesthood. Her baptism is this Saturday and she asked me to baptize her, so that is super exciting :) I only taught her one lesson but she knows her stuff and the sisters have taught her well. Fun fun fun weekend coming up. Stake conference. 
 The fancy deck

  The best part of stake conference was the special broadcast we had this last Sunday that was directed to only the South East region of the U.S. Sister Reeves, Elder Rasband, President Clayton, and Elder Hales all spoke powerfully all to us! All about sabbath day and keeping it sacred, going to the temple more, having self-worth and seeing the worth of others through God's eyes. There was one story about how we can help the missionaries and be missionaries by treating people with respect that maybe they have never been given before. That we are a people full of love and tolerance and of goodness and righteousness. In my opinion, I think it's the vision of the south that President Kimball saw long ago finally coming true. Soon temples will dot it all over and millions will flood in. Hopefully, some of what I have tried to do has helped bring this about or lead into some of those promises. Bless the south.

love - elder joshua dean rush

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