Monday, February 1, 2016

Plaquemine...Mission Conference...Elder Rasband and more....

the old district in amite ;D sister groesbeck goes home soon sooo had to get this one.

Feb. 1, 2016
Dear Friends and Family!
the MTC homies except Elders Forbush and Rogers....sorry :/

  All is going quite while. Lots of news on what's been happening lately. The most important news was that we had mission conference after I was transferred to Plaquemine (which was last week so check out my new address) and we had Elder Rasband, Zwick and Bluth, a 12, 70, and area 70 come and speak to us and inspire us to go forward. They taught us that we were called here by special revelation and that each place we go to is a sacred place that we must harvest from. The Lord knows what he is doing. He also has servants who know to the best of their mortal frames, what they are doing. If the Lord trusts them then we should too!

 Elder Whittier on the left then Rogers then Skillikorn then Jensen.
(Rogers and Whittier came out with me)

Sister Plumb with dark hair and Sister Honey with blonde
  This week has also been a time of frustration, trial and test, but I refuse to give up, because God refuses to give up on me. Discouragement is a lowly term to describe everything, but it doesn't matter because the Spirit has been really warming me lately with the comforting role that he provides so well. I love this new place and Jesus Christ can help us do all things.
  When we are told to go on missions, it is a commandment to convert ourselves. During this process we can bring others with us if we choose, and that's the joy of the mission.
mission conference reunion Elder Ralph
  Elder Rogers and Elder Jensen are amazing companions, and if you thought that teaching with 2 people was awesome, then you should do it with 3, because people that can feel the Spirit have an extremely hard time saying no when prompted to change, and we are always asking people to do that. Everywhere we go, if the Spirit says go elsewhere or say something, then it can be done. It's only our fear that holds us back, and it's silly to hold back that which we love the most.
my compooooooooooosssssssssss Rogers close and Jensen on back. Rogers is from Gilbert, Arizona and Jensen is from Vancouver, Washington
  WE are determined in our powerful TRIPANIONSHIP of JUSTICE! that we will do what the Lord wills us to do, even if I'm only here for 2 weeks. A part member family we talked to, already committed to be reading and continue learning in there home so that the member can come back to church and hopefully the non-member can come to know the truths we are teaching. 

Love you all dearly - Elder Joshua Dean Rush

My new address:
Elder Joshua Rush
58745 Belleview Dr. Apt. 6
Plaquemine, LA 70764

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