Monday, February 29, 2016

Three turns into two....Movin' forward....

Feb. 15, 2016
Dear family and friends,
A pic of the homemade crawfish etoufee
  This week was a spectacular week. It is also a stressful week due to it being transfers, and we have no idea what is going to happen to our trio. It will be sad to be broken up, but its a very likely option, and so it goes in missionary life. 
  The highlights of the week go perfectly together. While teaching one of our investigators, we were able to commit them to church and obtain a number to call them. Sunday rolls around and we call him and then pick him up and he was ready. He loved the whole 3 hours and is bringing his whole darn cute little family with him next week. I said to God in my Prayers that night, "well shucks God thou art ever awesome."
  All of our Less-active members are progressing and feel the Spirit and it seems like everything in the world of the work here is just so perfect it's almost unreal. It helps that all of us in this triforce have such a positive and happy outlook that nothing can go but right, when we are on the errand for Jesus Christ, which makes everything seem much brighter, even when tornadoes are all around! :D 
  Went to Donaldsonville, learned that even when you give your testimony people still use that sweet God given agency to slap you right in the face (not literally) but we don't care we just movvvvvveee onn!!! 
The lessons learned and the moments never forgotten in Plaquemine, it's pretty significant it's only been 3 weeks. Blessings come in the time that the Lord decides. 
Love y'all sooo so much :)

-Elder Joshua Dean Rush

Feb. 22, 2016
Dear Friends and Family,
 Another week gone by, and no longer as three but two once again. Elder Rogers and I are getting quite a bit done despite the newness of my being to this area.
  I Love Plaquemine, it has rough patches just like any place does, but there are so many great people hiding everywhere. Some of those people have already heard the gospel and accepted once but now need to remember and come back to what matters most :) We have been helping several with this. We have seen some tears with one family and honestly sigh's of relief as we showed up at their door, knowing quite well why we were there. 
  Every time we invite someone to act, it's like a little light shines in them, and for a moment they can accept or reject. It is so wonderful when they accept it, even better when they do it. 
I feel like I repeat the same things from week to week, but I guess that is just how the gospel works? At least, I don't say it in the exact some way as far as I am aware. Easier to teach when it is something familiar in your mind ya know?
 So we have been trying this house lately, that houses some members who haven't been in a while, and we show up this Friday and they actuallllly let us onnnn in! They were like wellll sureee, of course, you can come in elders. Good moment. Only one of the family wants to come back and the rest are happy being Catholic, but he is like 28 and was raised LDS so he is pretty top notch. Definitely coming back. Assuredly.
Also found like a bunch of part-member families and that always turns into investigators and for a branch this size, we got some real fine stuff goin' on. Movin' forward keepin' calm and gettin' blessings. 
Love so much -Elder Joshua Dean Rush
p.s. I know I come home soon, but i haven't heard anything from a few of you and it makes emailing short for me honestly, but I definitely would like to know how life is going?! Just...just a side note.  :-) :-)

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