Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Everything is Awesome....

So I was able to get some pictures from Josh's MTC mission companion Elder Dalton Gordon...YEAH! So here are a few pics from the MTC :-)

I believe this is his district
 Elder Rush and Elder Gordon
 Elders Gordon, Rush and Makin

Ok, so now for this weeks letter....

July 28, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,
    So The Greenie Exchange was a party, and I totally learned that I can do this well!  So that was pretty awesome!
    Elder Hillam and I were tight in the MTC so it pretty much rocked when we got like 8 lessons and like 4 investigators (exaggerated) but we did prettttttty great!
    I happened to give a release blessing, on a sad note, to an 85 year old man who had come to his time. The children that asked us to come, called us after the blessing, and told us he passed away about 5 minutes after we had given him the blessing.  So that made my heart flutter a bit and it was a strange feeling that the veil had just been, oh so thin, and I had felt a part of heaven as I laid my hands on him. I felt that again after I had found out he had passed so soon.
    Also I witnessed somewhat of a drug deal I believe...trying to help someone, but yeah I guess you can't always help someone especially if they don't need help. 
So I got the rest of the story here from a family members email.  I guess that he saw a lady pulled over to the side of the road with her lights on and he told his companion to pull over so they could help her.  His companion did, but the lady said she didn't need any help. Josh got back in the car and his companion chuckled at him and explained about the bag the lady had, and that it was a drug drop off. Yeah, I guess some things are learned on the fly. YIKES! back to your letter....

This is a pictures of Albany, his area
    I am biking a lot due to having no miles in our car left, so all the good food isn't making me chubby and/or unhappy so that's pretty awesome to! I had a lot of experiences this week, and I pretty much love Elder Larkin to death and want him to stay the rest of his 6 months with me (totally possible...) and I love everyone so its awesome!
    I really want some letters! Y'all better get with the program, and I'm kidding, but at the same time I would really LOVE mail...so ya.  Also, No depression since I've been out in the field! No swearing since the MTC and now no Depression in the field, this mission thing is going to be sweet! I'm honestly surprised he didn't say awesome here...heehee...
    I learn something new everyday and pretty much have an endless flow of information going in my head and it feels amazing! I love the work and all of you! And just so you all know Optimism pretty much wins against the adversary like every time! Seeing where Paul and Alma came from makes me feel like I wasn't that terrible of a person to be serving a mission so... yay!
    I had a dream last night cause I asked for it, and for God to give me knowledge on the subject of change in my heart.   I now have an absolute bright feeling in my chest, always for Christ, and to serve him.  It is the feeling described often in the scriptures and its the best feeling you will ever experience in this life. I wrote this after marking several BoM scriptures and lots of study after my dreams last night, so it's pretty much what I learned this week. 
"Last night I had a dream that revealed great truths to me. This was of no coincidence, I had asked God in prayer the night before to let me receive, because knowledge I was told can be granted unto all of Heavenly Fathers children, if they but ask. Due to a spur of inspiration I marked a Book of Mormon with several colored markers which pertained to thoughts I had about my Patriarchal blessing. I am made humble due to this experience and as I strive to focus all my being in the Lord and his work I realize it is no easy thing to surrender a heart to God and to God alone. It is, however, the only way to Eternal Life and Celestial Glory. As read in Alma 24:16 "even we will bury them deep in the earth, that they may be kept bright as a testimony..." As they promised unto God with physical things so do I in spiritual. I will bury pain, envy, trial and heartache that I have had in the past and will have in the future so that it never again stains my sword with Pride or ungratefulness unto the Lord. Even will I stand strong when the Death of my feelings and the utter destruction of my character will be had among the eyes of men. I will no more be burdened by the loads upon my own shoulder, but with those of my brethren and fellow men. I cannot shrink from the work or sorrow in my weakness, for all things are done so "that all these things shall give the experience and shall be for thy good." D&C 121:7. In all of my heart, I wish to be chosen and not merely called. So that I may ever preach, teach, and exhort, unto all, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So many brothers and sisters that dwindle and do not know where to find, I wish for them to sit by me in the Kingdom of God, what joy and peace these desires give unto my soul. Never can I be Idle in learning the wonders of this salvation through Christ. Always I must be seeking the truth line upon line precept upon precept, here a little there a little until I come to perfectly know my savior even Jesus Christ, Amen"

Elder Rush
Denham Springs Zone/District

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