Monday, July 14, 2014

Afflictions and Blessings....MTC week 2

So here's Josh's letter from his second week in the MTC.....I asked him about pictures and he's having problems with his camera or his SD card...he's not sure which, but hopefully we'll eventually get some pics! :-)

July 5th 2014

Dear Family and friends,
This week is my final week before I finally get into the field. So on Sunday I got to speak (which was a random pick but I knew it would be me) and I talked on the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
All week from devotionals and teachers and..unfortunately not any Apostles but I have one more Sunday, tomorrow, so hopefully! Monday we were tired and I honestly can't remember much besides I got a new TRC investigator named Chae who is way sweet and we honestly don't know if she is a real investigator or not. Me and Elder Gordon are actually so similar sometimes we have a hard time syncing up, but we both are soft spoken in the spirit. 
I have been reading Isaiah and the Book of Mormon again and found that all things point to Christ in every single lesson and that conversion to Jesus Christ is the TRUE way. Salvation is not in the church, or its members, or its leaders. I am but a small insignificant part of the grand work, but I will put forth all my heart. 
On Tuesday, I got reprimanded all day but really I had a hard day so I misunderstood my leaders council and it all got cleared up by Friday. 
I actually asked him about this when he called and he said that his teacher just wanted him to be enthusiastic about the work, but not so excited that it detracted from the work. From what I gather, Josh was just having a Josh moment ;-) ok, now back to the letter.
I love my Teachers, Brother Pitt and Brother Welch, who are very different but both went to California on their missions in the same place. Bro. Pitt is also our investigator Nick, who has a hard time prioritizing the Gospel. I have really really learned how to love through my afflictions here. To turn outward despite being in. 
As a matter of fact, the other day I was working with Sister Smith in a Role play and I played my Dad before he was converted, and some of the things she said about her life and what the spirit taught me touched me so closely. I knew how dad felt and I know how much I really love him and that through his doubts he found truth and I really should have been nicer to my family before I left, and I let the Deceiver stress my heart. I felt my dad's empathy and confusion and I continue this week to feel for those around me in such a new way. 
I love everything here and even though I have lost much and sacrificed much, but compared to Christ and my Ancestors, I have done it seems so little. Further the work all of you. Give your agency to God, revel in the happiness of others. Love you so much Dad, thank you my family and friends who still support me, I love you so much!
-Elder Rush

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