Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Goof Balls and the Spirit

So got an email from Josh on Saturday....I think that's his P-Day while at the MTC.....

June 28th, 2014
Dear Everyone,
So far Elder Brown (another missionary from my district) and I really have been hitting it off.  It seems like even the sisters in our district are goof balls, full of fun and hard work.
I will Pray for all of you each day in the several and many deep thought out prayers I have each day. I really have learned that through prayer and the gift of charity, if I really tap into and humble myself I can feel as though Enos felt in his earnest prayer for forgiveness, testimony, and the saving of his brethren.
WE have so far been doing lots of Role play investigators, including Nick, who is our teacher Elder Pitt, and we have a new one who we don't know coming in on Monday named Chae.  Our first lesson went well, but we needed to put more questions out there in love.  Elder Gordon and I plan on praying earnestly for the love of the Savior and for the Spirit; we both need to sync up and do well. 
I did happen to get everything I needed packed in all my bags so no worries there.
The second day after we woke up, we exercised and that was nice, but we were still new and also uncomfortable at first, but today and yesterday we have had the most amazing time doing this work, and we have so much focus I just can't believe how I am even so awake and aware and I feel so full of joy and don't really need or want to do anything but work until the Spirit tuckers me out. 
Yesterday, which was Friday, was amazing because we had Gym time so we played a game of infinity tied soccer that really helped us unwind and meet the members of our zone (which are not rooming with us) and now I have so many friends that I have made, and ones I SEE all the time.
Elder Guymon is in the West Campus so it’s unlikely I will see him, and I hope he is doing well! WE are going to the temple later today, and I am ready for a nice relaxing session of learning. Thank you so much for the love and support! I will continue to both email and write as long as I have something to answer! The food is great...and gas inducing but oh well. This is pretty fantastic and I finally don't feel so worried that I won't succeed. I love you all, and so does Jesus Christ so remember that.

Elder Joshua Dean Rush

If anyone wants to email him, he would love it, his email is

Hopefully, we'll get some pictures soon :-)

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