Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pictures!!.....And "Honk For Jesus"

August 3rd, 2014
Quotes of the week:
Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.
I do believe we're all connected. I do believe in positive energy. I do believe in the power
of prayer. I do believe in putting good out into the world. And I believe in taking care of each other.
A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.
This is my favorite pictures this week! They were giving away
free Lemonade, and I love the poster that says
"Honk for Jesus"
Josh got hurt playing some volleyball, they have carpet in the gym there.
P-Day playing some basketball
Sister McIntire and Elder Smiley

Our Apartment

Elder Clean
I love DR. Pepper! Down here it's made with real sugar!

Dear Family and friends,
    So far this week has been great, despite the fact Elder Larkin has gotten hurt and we haven't been able to bike. Because him being hurt we were also short tons of car miles. BUT I got y'all tons of pictures so I hope you enjoy that! I am going to gather the Coke named bottles and line them up with names of people I know back home and take a picture of it sometime so watch for that. :-) I really really like Dr. Pepper but I have got to stop drinking it, because the caffeine is killing my head, so no more soda, but that stuff is good!
 It's so green here!
Elder Rush, Elder Larkin, Brother Ribando our ward missionary, Sister McIntire and Sister Smith

    I can't remember all that happened this week to tell you the truth, and I am way sorry but things go by so fast and yet so slow and draw out way bad, I do however know that no one came to a Fireside we had Saturday at the Gardiners, but we just watched 17 Miracles and shared with their family our message. We ate there last night again and I think they might like me and are starting to warm up to me as the new missionary so that's way nice. I might help them with family history training, so sweet! 
    I have been asked to speak on the last Sunday of this month on hastening the work. I will diligently be studying the Joseph Smith teachings and Brigham Young teachings books to gain what they have to offer about the important duty of saving souls of our fellow men. So dad isn't going to like this but Brigham Young is my new favorite prophet I  mean some of the things he said were crazy and not even church doctrine but he spoke his mind, got things done, and was so amazing to lead the saints and set up the Salt Lake valley like he did. Just as a side note here, Ben is actually totally fine with the Prophet Brigham Young now.  He had to pray about him, and realized that prophets are just men and are human with faults, but they can also be called to do the Lord's work despite their shortcomings. Brigham Young was the right prophet to lead and organize the Saints of his time. I ordered his manual and hopefully will get it soon so be excited cause I am PUMPED!
Denim Springs missionaries
    We went on exchanges on Thursday and I went up to Denim Springs north area with Elder Myers who is one of the zone leaders, we had lots of fun and we talked to the assistants and so far mine and Elder Larkin's names have not been discussed to be transferred because I love my trainer and this area and if I can stay awhile and keep him then I would love that to death. I appreciate the support that (some of you...) have been giving me and those who haven't written get on the program...please :-), I wanna hear from y'all and I always write back. I miss you all very much and know this is a good work to be doing, and I really enjoy everything about it and can tell you even through the struggles, that my unending positive attitude keeps me going and never lets me down so ya'll keep your heads up!
-Love always,
Elder Rush

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