Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Toilet Trees and the Tree of Life

So got a couple more MTC pictures from Josh this week, so I'll start with those :-)

August 11, 2014

Dear Family and Friends, 
   This week we got an astounding 18 lessons and 7 of those were member present lessons, so we rocked it hardcore. I went on some exchanges this week, as well, with Elder Smiley and that was one of the hottest longest days I think I might have ever experienced. The air was like boiling water. It was PAIN! Transfers are coming up, so all of us are terrified that we might leave especially after all this amazing work we have had given to us lately, and all the closeness of our district. Oh well, as the Lord wills. I have been studying the thoughts and feelings I receive as I ponder on the reality of my soul and my personal salvation. That in reality if I am not giving then I will not receive, and in order to change, I must do something good even if I don't want to do it, as much as possible, so that I may be formed by Christ's hands.
Elder Rush and Elder Smiley

   We have district meetings every Tuesday and can I tell you that they are the most amazing things, it's like a giant learning party with upliftment and joy in every step, and I seldom ever leave not feeling a renewed strength and conviction. I really enjoy missionary work and for those that were worried about my crazy attitude and high levels of anxiety and depression, don't worry. The Lord blesses me immensely with my personality being so bouncy, everyone seems to really like me and think that my constant optimism and energy is a positive thing. I love making friends and hugging missionaries and those who allow in the ward. The South is a hug place and I love it. I am crazy and people tell me that, but then they go and say how much they appreciate the way I can stay so high energy for them and it makes me happy to help and lift others because that's what I believe I was called in this life to do.

   When it comes to investigators we have 3 very important points of progress. We have a man named Joe whose young boys were just baptized, his wife is a member, they go to church every week, and this week after 18 years of not actually taking the lessons himself and just recently coming back to church and enjoying it, he asked if when the boys are done with their lessons "when are we gonna get to mine?" and we seriously made a huge deal out of it. Another Investigator, an old Black woman named Thelma Collins is finally deciding on getting baptized and we probably will have a date for the end of the month when it comes around to it, so that makes me so happy. Finally we have a wife of a less active member whose name is Nikki who is super really interested and by the time we finish the lessons she will want to be active and keep on keeping on. Her husband really wants to get back, and really wants to be sealed to his wife and kids so he will try his hardest to get to church (based on work and volunteer service) they have fed us and honestly she made this caramel carrot mushy stuff and chicken pasta that made sweet tears of joy roll down my face. They are great and we are excited to keep going back!

   Speaking of food, I had me a shrimp Poe-Boy the other day and DANG that stuff is good. Everything down here tastes so good and it's going to kill me, I know it! I am really trying to watch it, but I am having an increase in appetite and only eat until full with minimal desert. Hopefully, I am hitting a growth spurt and that's why which, man, I really need to even out my uncomfortably enlarging belly. Also Gumbo is good, just saying. And anything anyone makes down here is like homemade and makes your taste buds dance like you just tasted the sweet fruit of the tree of life. Yea it's that good!

   I hope you all are doing fine, I like hearing from you and I love letters and emails that I receive from every single one of you out there doing it, I love you with all my heart, and continually press to perfect myself and teach like the Prophet Joseph would, and to always have patience and be humble and love even through the afflictions and pains. How great it is to know the sweetness of Jesus Christ, all of you remember this in your hearts each day. I pray much for many and you all are often said by your names if I am prompted, may Heavenly Father grant my prayers of safety and comfort to you all.
Love always,
-Elder Rush
Awesome pics of the week....Toilet Trees!!
Yes, those are real toilets sitting on top of the trees :-)

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