Saturday, August 22, 2015

Be the Beacon of Hope....

August 16th, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

  I always proceed with these letters hoping to say something that isn't boring or that makes ya feel good or something like that. All y'all people gonna have to forgive me if one week isn't as fabulous as the others...
  This week we had another baptism!!! YAY. I say we as in the area of DeRidder, in the Rosepine Ward, because technically he was the Sisters investigator, and primarily learned from them, but we had one lesson with him before his baptism so that's like helping nudge the pirate off the plank ya?
  The ward is really starting to get all warm and fuzzy and lovey and stuff. All of them are so sweet and so powerful, some of them don't know it, and that's possibly why others are not very active, but they are all such a blessing. I don't think one human in all this little ward doesn't have my heart! It's so powerful to serve our brothers and sisters on so many levels. 

So they've had record breaking super hot days this summer in Louisiana!!

  I don't think that because my full-time mission will end that my want for goodness to my great earthly family will change, missionary work and doing great good for others is something that we must all remember to do daily. I finally learned to be good, say good, feel good, when I let the love go forth without any restraint due to selfish desire. 
  "cast away your pride" says Alma, and every single day I add! I have really truly done nothing in retrospect to what God has done. He has used me and indeed it is an honor, but all that is worthy of report or praiseworthy is from Jesus Christ, I am very grateful, and all of you should be too! Share it with others, be the beacon of hope for the hands that hang down and the feeble knees that fall. :)

love ya'll so much 
- Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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