Saturday, September 5, 2015

Like unto a vineyard or maybe an Ocra farm

Aug. 24, 2015

We are dream team status

Dear friends and family,

   How's it going? Hope y'all are alright? Anyway I am very blessed indeed! I can actually remember some of the events that have happened in the last week in the Lord's vineyard. I don't think a vineyard would fit accurately as the south, but rather an Ocra farm, especially cause a very few select people seem to enjoy Ocra. It's really hard to organize all of my thoughts into emails each week so if my ideas don't connect, just know that they did when they entered into my mind and heart. 
This is a pic of a 180 bottles of Root Beer, 
and Elder Ralph holding one of the bottles
   We have this investigator we dropped this week. He was very anti, and also a basher, very polite, but very hard in the heart and unable to believe any words or testimonies that 3 (yes not just 2 missionaries but 3) of us elders tried to deliver unto him. Now as you can all imagine I go a bit over-board and nothing can truly be taught to anyone with logic or with great explanation. I really enjoy my studies so I really learn quite a bit from the goodness that God gifts me with, so it was no cake walk for this guy. Several times he stopped when we used his own Bible to explain pure doctrine and confounded with the unshakable words of the Spirit but nothing prevailed. I intensified a bit this time (this was our 2nd visit) and called unto repentance and told him of the wickedness and pride of churches in the last days and how the hard in heart will hear but not understand, and he didn't even flinch but there was a moment of silence. 
   Sometimes, we have to be very bold, and sometimes the Lord tells us to, and I am a very bold person in general, but never have I been as bold as I was with this man, but nevertheless the kingdom on earth goes forth.

   We had exchanges and I went with Elder Forbush, who I originally came out with in the MTC, and it was like living those memories over again. After the exchanges, we had Stake Conference in Alexandria. This is the 2nd one I have been able to go to in the stake and it was just as good as the first (I compared notes) and the message was actually quite different even in such a short time. The Lord is good to us, visit the temple more often, be the light the world needs, fight the evils of the World and never give in. Fear not what man can do, for perfect love casteth out all fear.
Love -Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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