Saturday, August 22, 2015

First Baptism in Deridder...Welcome Welcome...

August 9th, 2015
Our Special pic
Brother Eastwood and me

Dear Friends and Family,
  Things are goin' real good. DeRidder has a lot of churches and sometimes we get invited. Since that is the closest thing that I can remember, I will start with our Sabbath, yesterday. The Pentecostal Lighthouse church is quite a church, with excellent fellowship and inspiring (particularly loud) motivating sermons. We happened to be invited to the 6 PM sermon and that was some kind of ride, though it wasn't as extreme as some were leading me to believe. I felt an intense love from the people and it reverberated within my heart the love I had for them. Though it seems that doctrine and practice among Christians is widely different, the love of God and fellow man often resides among all those who follow Jesus Christ. It was a nice time with a special charge to reach out more, to love harder, and to seek the very elect of this city.
Elder Forbush and Elder Jensen in the background

   Can I tell you all that I really just adore my companion? Elder Ralph is a real darn good guy, I mean he is so nice and kind and he teaches well and stays positive and focused, we are some kind of force to be reckoned. We have had nothing but fun and success since we got here. The successes are small and of no worthy mention but things are set in place for the Lord to set his hand to provide miracles soon. The Ward is finally beginning to feel our excitement and love for them, and even comments are made in relation to our, what I would call "excited celebrations" concerning, the work of God.
   The gifts that God has given to me on my mission are special and precious, I have had the opportunity now thrice to turn some hard places into some hard-working places and it's given me great joy, I wish I was more perfected in Christ but the steady process is in the Lord's time and for the Lord's eternal purposes. 
   We went on exchanges this week, and I love Elder Dalton Jensen who is from Washington State, quite a good kid, no doubt he will be an amazing missionary. 
the man in the middle is Andy Eastwood, new member of the church and
 Sister Tomblin on one side and Cornia (her trainee) on the other
  I have pictures, but I will explain a bit. Our sister missionaries Ririe and Honey had a baptism this Saturday and confirmation Sunday and it was in simple terms, serene. I miss those outpourings of the spirit that I had toward the beginning of my mission where I was more receptive than present. It is nice to get a boost from time to time, and thank goodness for the sacred ordinance of sacrament to do just that. 
It's about what we can offer that we can call our own, and all that we are is His, but the one thing we can give is our hearts and devotions and wills. We can also give to our brothers and sisters for their benefit and to love them as ourselves, but the giving is not materialistic, but rather the more worthy alternate, spiritual.

I love you all and miss you, good luck with school 

Love- Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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