Sunday, July 26, 2015

Leaving Amite and heading to Deridder.....

July 6, 2015

Dear friends and family,

 Okay so this week we had a lot of people we are teaching, all in one family. They are super golden and we are super excited because the chances of them coming into the fold are great. It's nice to have people experience the atonement, ya know? That's really all I want, all I ever want. I know it feels good, I have felt it myself, so therefore I just want others to be able to feel the goodness I have felt.

  We had some investigators at church and less actives that are coming back and everything is going darn well in the work so that's all that matters right? I am glad to be an instrument in the Lord's hand that can actually play a nice tune once in a while.

4th of July was like the civil war, and it was great because it still continues, fireworks all the time. I wish I could send y'all a longer email, but in reality I want you to know that the Spirit really does heal peoples' hearts, and when you listen to people with a sincere heart they open up a conduit to the Spirit. I really love these people, they really will be some of the strongest members of the church one day.

love y'all
-Elder Joshua Dean Rush

July 19, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

   I am....GETTIN Transferred. I am gonna be outta the ghetto's of the sweet Amite and probably roamin' the streets of another city's run down parts. Spreadin' the gospel the best way I know how. To tell y'all the real truth, this week has been a real slow, real hard kind of week. I always try extra hard the week before transfers and it never fails that everyone cancels. It's 102 degrees and this time around we got rained on in buckets while we tracted! At least I can hopefully say that I tried my best for this lovely place.

   Hopefully in the coming weeks the families we have been teaching and the young couples we have been finding will get baptized, that's the hope for this teeny branch. We need some new life in here, cause we aren't gettin' sisters back anytime soon so whoever replaces me has to work their absolute tails off for this part of the vineyard.

  I learned this week that sometimes we just try too darn hard in life, I was always told that you could never really work and stress too much, especially with the work, but I guess it just depends on the way you do it, because, man, it sure gets ya torn all the way down. I forgot where the fun was, forgot the joy and the heart that is supposed to be in life. Thankfully some sweet prayers to the heavens and a whisper in the heart in a moment of frustration and pain, and all is well. Ain't nothin' like a real good prayer in the dark heart pourin' for some mercy. Mercy is real, weakness is real and God sure is willinng to give the utmost measure of his love.

love -Elder Joshua Dean Rush 

p.s. I heard Kaden Hartman was in Monroe, Lousiana with the duck commanders? I am jealous but also holla to the LA!!!

Joshua's New address

409 Somerset Dr. 
Apt. J
DeRidder, LA 70634

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