Saturday, July 4, 2015

Be a Good Example....First letter of Year 2!

June 29, 2015

Dear everyone,

Don't be mean, okay? Lets all be nice, too much meanness up in this world for us to be mistreatin' one another. I don't want to go further into this but man we gotta learn to love one another. This has been a really great and fabulously awesome week (like all that description? ITs greatttttt) I mean we got this guy who learned from the missionaries years ago who is Catholic, who meets with us and actually keeps commitments, so I mean that's pretty fantastic, plus he asks questions and feels the Spirit all the time and we can tell. He's married and he doesn't do drugs or smoke, so he's like a champ. Then this other man read most of the triple combo and asked questions and wants to keep meeting with us and asks us what WE want from him, which is like wait what? nice guy, great family, married with his own business.

The best part is all we did was just be nice to these guys and show good examples (us as in LDS people in general) and they respect us enough to listen to our message, it's nice to know someone way down the road was a good example, and that some missionaries did the right thing at the right time.
Over the Hump and into year 2!

Hey, if your worried about the end of times and all these "signs" lately read the D&C and The Book of Mormon because we don't have half of what they talk about happening just yet, so calm yourselves. Be ready, but just keep it chill, its going to be alright, we don't have to do anything crazy or drastic just yet.

Do good for everyone, literally everyone, otherwise we are like unto the publicans who only love our friends, what profit have we?

Love y'all and stuff, sorry for the casual, its been so crazy, and if you want to know more you can ask me personally (hint, hint ;-) I'd seriously love it if you have time to write me!). Keep your chins up and your big kid pants on ;-).

Love Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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