Sunday, April 5, 2015

Back in Amite ya'll...

March 24, 2015
Dear Friends and Family,
I left Oakdale, and I think I am finally ready for it, now I am in a small city called Amite in another branch, it's in the Albany District where I was when I first came out in the mission field
to be continued...

March 25, 2015
Alright, as I left off, I am now in a brand new small city, that has a really big Wal-Mart, which was surprising, and now we have time limits on computers so I have to email speedy fast and not get distracted. I love you all so much, and ya know I am gonna miss Elder Barker and Oakdale but I actually really love Elder "Bo" Anderson so much, he is a real sweet kid. He is a lot like me in a whole lot of ways, in that we both tend to be very emotionally sensitive and what not, it turns out to be great when we are teaching and helping one another everyday. I see the beginnings of a new everlasting friendship!! haha.
Back in Amite, ya'll

   He is from Sandy, Utah and went to Alta High School and is, I believe, a year older than I am. Much closer in age and circumstance than my other 3 companions. It really blows my mind that now I have only been out 9 months but have had 3 areas and 4 companions already, my mission is looking to be a fun one with lots of change (which is good). It has been an interesting time adjusting to an area that I am already familiar with. It is nice and I should have known I would come here when some of the members said that I looked just like a previous missionary who once served there and my personality "fit" the part of the missionaries here. I hope that's mostly a good thing, but it gets me excited to have people who appreciate the work we do.
Most of my new zone

   We have a super nice apartment with 2 bathrooms, so that's pretty darn nice, and our district/Hammond district(cause we are kind of like a mega district yet we have two different meetings but we are all serving amidst one another) are amazingly awesome. Matter of fact, the Hammond sister who's name is Sister Jenkins is from Cache Valley, she graduated with my year up in Sky View and she is from Newton and is cousins with Braden Jensen(my homie) and so making that connection was pretty darn tight. The mission makes the world a small place, and the gospel makes it even smaller, because it brings us all together. Darn great if you ask me.
Elder Barker and I, sure gonna miss him!

   My last days in Oakdale were really great, we went fishing on a bridge and all hung out and wrote in transfer journals and the day happened to be perfect temperature all around. I made a lot of friends up there in Alec (Alexandria) Zone, and surely those friendships will continue. The Lord knows I make quick associations with people, so it looks like a new part of the vineyard needs tending, and I will try my best to be the servant that I have been called to be.
Sister Kay and Sister A and me
 Elder Olsen and Elder Barker (looking lovely)

   The shortness of this letter is surely a disappointment (sarcasm) but life as a missionary goes so fast and so many things come and go I can't keep track of them all. One thing I have learned is that when mortality faces you with troubles and adversity, there is always an escape and always a way to relieve the pain, thankfully to that great Saviour we all can call our friend. Go show the Saviour you value his friendship and value one another.
CK is driving and she is going to BYU from Utah and Sister Fredrickson is going to BYU from Nebraska and then me and Elder Anderson

-Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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