Sunday, April 5, 2015

9 months out and counting....

March 30, 2015
Dear mom this is a quick one to you (and its probably fine for anyone else curious to read my quick email this week.
I will be writing more probably tomorrow so no worries on it being like a paragraph long, but I will get pictures first this time so you can enjoy. I really love Elder "Bo" Anderson who goes by his middle name as well, he is a super super sensitive kid just like me and he is way good at personal fitness so we are going to work out a plan for me because I am really not healthy so I would like to drop a little weight lol. I've enjoyed our district meetings, and it turns out Sister Jenkins in Hammond is from Cache Valley as well and I'm sure I already mentioned that but it's still cool to have more homies down here. I love the mission and even though it may get difficult at times, prayer always seems to alleviate any kind of stress that I am experiencing. I have been feeling extremely happy since I got here, and so many great things are happening. I haven't been here long but I have heard the Sisters testify on the radio because they have an investigator who has hookups. Her name is Pastor Dixon, quite a sweet lady if you ask me. Also we have had a lot of people coming to church including some people we never expected, like Brother Duncans (coolest member fam out here) mom who has been catholic for a little while. It really was a good Sunday too because of fast and testimony meeting. I sure love it here and I sure love all the fun times I am having on my mission. It's crazy that it has been 9 months already and soon it will be a year. I would never trade it for anything else, even with all the trials I have had thus far, they have taught me many lessons and brought me to a new sense of humility and trust in the Lord. Write more soon love y'all.

April 1, 2015

So here is an update since like two days ago, we have 2 people coming so close to baptism and the sisters were on the radio. They had met this Pastor Dixon lady and she loved them so much that she had them testify and share some of our beliefs over the local religious radio station. We hope that now people will look at us like we are, which is nice normal Christians haha. One of our investigators thought we worshiped Joseph Smith for a long time, but he finds out after reading a pamphlet that we don't and now he says he wants to get baptized as soon as he learns more, so make sure y'all mention Jesus Christ a lot if you ever want to share our faith.

We have p-days in Amite and down in Hammond but this week it was in Amite and the sisters made tacos and most of the Hammond District came up to spend time with us, cause we don't have the miles to go down every p-day.
 I have decided because my comp is a nutritionalist and a bro at exercising techniques that I need to follow the word of wisdom more closely and watch my intake of useless foods and have a real exercise plan. The goal is to go from 192 to 175 y'all, so we will see what happens. The Lord gives us a temple to take care of, so I decided if I was a good disciple I would take care of what God gave me.

Love y'all so much and miss ya sometimes, but its nice to occasionally hear from you so keep popping in, and know I pray for many of you and that the work down here is a great work but it was never an easy work. It is always worth it and I love it so much.

-elder rush.

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