Sunday, April 19, 2015

Are we gonna wake up and pray?

April 13, 2015
Blythewood Plantation House Amite Louisiana entrance

Dear friends and family,
   I will attempt to make this letter much longer and of a more significant worth. I want you all to know that everyday can either be a struggle or not, it all depends on where you go when you wake up. Are we gonna wake up and pray or are we gonna wake up and forget to access our best hope at a good day? I have unfortunately been slacking at my prayers for the last couple weeks, but I decided that will have to change if I am going to change. Turns out I feel much better.
Amite, Louisiana
The best lesson I learned from this week happens to be the same lesson always learned on a mission, Patience. Let me tell you why this week, so it turns out that I need to be more patient when people don't like specific weaknesses that I have, and its much better for me to be nice and cordial about it then let it upset me. Thankfully, my comp is a real nice guy and always cheers me up, so ya know that's a pretty great blessing.
   News for this week: So Elder Anderson is the new district leader of Amite district, it's just us and the sisters now up in the boonies. Elder Abbott who was in Ponchatoula went home and Elder Ralph got transferred out, so they closed the area and reorganized the districts, therefore, tiny district and I am District Lackey again (I love it, best position ever :D) Because of the Ponch Elders being gone and Hammond Elders having not received their car yet, we went to the Strawberry Days and took them, so we could all get contacts, and with all those thousands and thousands of people we ended up getting like 21 contacts and finding a less active and getting referrals and etc.!! Was a good week and them strawberries sure smell/taste good.

   The best book to read is Isaiah and the only way to understand that book is the D&C and Book of Mormon. I actually read that in the bible dictionary of Isaiah and it got me in a new study to learn and grow in the gospel some more, so I am now doing side by side reading to better understand everything. I get all the poetry and imagery, I just want to see with those spiritual eyes that are so important. They are what leads us every day to those people who need us or need the gospel. Going about spiritually blind only gives us heartache and pain, because we aren't fulfilling the fullest of our potential to care for others around us. Love ya'll so so much

-Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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