Monday, October 27, 2014

Scary Hospital Stay!!.... but "I felt the Savior right beside me"

October 27, 2014
look at how sick I look, isn't that fun? 

Dear Friends and Family,
    SO this week was interesting per say, I will explain further for all y'all. It all began the morn of long ago (cause I don't remember exactly when it started 2 weeks ago) nonetheless it started long ago. I began having much pain in the stomach, then that in turn resulted in loose bowels which is a common occurrence to missionaries in this mission due to the high spiced and much greased food. I was soon irritated that it would not leave, so I contacted the missionary nurse...

    She was quite upset I didn't get a hold of her sooner, but ya know we tough missionaries are all right until we can't really do any movement without hurting. SO I got Immodium and that seemed to fix it for about a day. BUT WAIT that night I had much of the struggle in the tummy and no movements of bowels and thus I thought merely the medication was doing its job, which it did. Then we had a Zone conference with the president and I was well pleased and gave much hugs to all my brethren and my dear President Hansen, for I squeeze him tightly, which he always braces for, which I find delightful. Anyway, Elder Hepworth decided I needed more practice in Oakdale by myself, so we went on exchages with Deridder and I was with my uncle T., Elder Gillen, who was quite fun to be with and I learned a lot planning things and seeing some things he knew about, but not all was joy for my tummy persisted in much pain every 30 or so minutes, so during the off time I would enjoy, then like a rock it would hit me good. We then went to bed that day and I got no sleep at all, the pain was so very very very intense, but we still went and got me a haircut and also contacted in a more ghetto part of town and I got a good cut by a black dude and look pretty dang good y'all. So still with this increased pain in my gullet, we then went back to the apartment to prep for the rest of the day and so I could shower off my hair and stuff. I was changing my clothes and having so very very much pain but was choosing to ignore it again, when I hear this small voice inside say, "this pain is not normal, and you haven't slept good in two days, you should call the mission nurse Sister Mcillian." I said to myself alright, I guess so maybe I should listen, I mean it felt particularly soft spoken and not a voice of conscience and stuff, then I was like hmm that might've been the Spirit, so I listened. Then she said that I needed to get to the ER immediately. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS REAL Y'ALL
 trying to be positive during adversity

  I was at this sweet little ER in Oakdale which is way ummm not updated and umm kinda scary and ghetto and we probs shouldn't have one there, but ya know what we gonna do but listen to the nurse right? I get some blood taken, some other tests and awesome CT scan where I had to drink this delightful and disgusting liquid in excess to coat my intestines, so they could see them. Then (excuse me) this burning red liquid from Hell itself was put into my IV when I was put through the scanner and MY GOODNESS it was so very very miserable I never ever wanna do that again!! It also made me flush all over and I was very very warm and it was a strange yet uncomfortable feeling that added to the overall pain.

Short story, they thought it was my appendix and that I had appendicitis and what not, so they sent me to the Alexandria Cabrini christian hospital and it was nice that they couldn't get my stupid CT scans from Oakdale because phone lines where down and they were thinking of doing it again...I prayed much! that I would not have to relive that pain and certainly they received the scans and got more blood and more samples and did more testing and decided no it wasn't my appendix, so no surgery! That was relief but unfortunately I wasn't done yet.

Turns out it was a swollen infected colon and we almost did a colonoscopy but nope got outta that one! and also its called cDIF Colitus which is caused by me taking antibiotics for too long (stupid acne meds) and thus killing good bacteria in my stomach then some nasty stuff got in there and did some major business and so it took 4 days of more antibiotic which I still am taking, tons of pain meds including like polyphorine or something? which is like 10 X stonger than morphine which I had on the drive up to that hospital (it was aweful and I got sick) but with less side affects but it made me quite umm dizzy for sure but the pain went away! anyway I am alright and had good nurses and docs, so all is well and I have survived more affliction. 
Elder Gillen
 Me, before I was really sick
 cool tree bridge

I was working on Humility this month and this truly taught me it's real meaning, to look to others and the Lord for help and to accept what life has given to us. We have the power of the Atonement and therefore any kind of difficulty can be overcome and we are invincible with God on our side. That we should be happy no matter what and not be too heartbroken or complain too much when hard things come. We show our love by submission and endurance. I learned to love my mommy more for taking care of me and I got to call her which was funny and stuff. I will keep on because its okay, bad things happen, but its just okay ya know? Elder Gillen and Hepworth were with me part and half the time who loved me lots and lots so I was very thankful. I felt the Savior right beside me, I knew he had felt the pain I had been feeliing and that He cared, that it was okay, and that He would make it better.

He will always make the trial into triumph, the pain into power and the weakness into strength. I am very happy and love you all and miss you all so very much as hard things happen one after another. Don't be afraid to write not for me but for you, because no one loves you as much as I do. :D
Funny zone conference pic
 ghetto yep

Elder Joshua Dean Rush

So this is Michelle, I just want to say that this was the scariest thing ever! It is a missionary moms worst nightmare to get a call saying their child is being rushed into emergency surgery, because that was the very first message we got. Being so far away and not being able to be with your child is a feeling of powerlessness and a total surrender to the will of our Heavenly Father. I had to know that Josh was in his hands and that I had to entrust his care to my Father in Heaven and others who were with Josh when I could not be. I had to let the Savior be the Comforter when I couldn't. This experience has given me a glimpse of Heaven and how much our Father loves us and entrusts others to be there for us when He cannot. I also know that just because I am far away from my Heavenly home, I am still greatly loved by my Heavenly Parents. How grateful I am that others were able to comfort and be with Josh when I could not. How grateful I am to be a mom, it is truly the best (if sometimes very stressful) calling. Thank you to all those who have prayed for Josh, I know that your prayers strengthen him.
Michelle Rush

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