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Lord Is It I?....and would love to hear from my peeps!

October 14, 2014
 Mirror Fun

Dear Family and Friends,
Hello and this week I have cried much, but what can you expect from sensitive old me? I am out in the country again, like back home, and members are spread far and wide between, but I will go to any lengths to reach those who need strength to come back, and to those who have not discovered who they are because We are Gods children capable of becoming like God. The world is dark and I hear about the news about homosexual movements and acceptance in churches and Isis in the states and all kinds of darkness, but to tell you the truth, I worry not for the Creator of the universe, even the Son of God, is on my side and on our sides as long as we keep his commandments. 
Our Place
Elder Hepworth's rebel side of the room (country life)
 more of his side of the study room with LA flag
 my side with cute table
 our room where we sleep
 Elder Hepworth really likes Frozen, so he has like a bunch of posters including a 6 foot Elsa, 
and he is from Gilbert ,AZ so that's why Arizona flag
Our living room including Elder Hepworth...sorry not many pics with or of him yet 
 kitchen with laundry
yep bathroom....clean

Don't stray from the path because when Satan sees that we are valiant and beautiful and we fall away just a little he will try to drag us further and further until we feel as if we cannot return but we can always come back. Repentance is change and change does not happen in a day, it happens in the amount of our whole life. I am not sad because I have moved I am just now responsible for this little town and its children and it worries me that I may not be able to affect enough of them, due to my young age and apparent immaturity, according to those around me. I will be the man I am to be and try harder to grow and it doesn't matter how hard it will be because I know how many of you love me back at home and I feel your prayers.

Lord is it I? Wasn't that like the most amazing talk in conference because I feel like it was, I ask myself all the time "Am I like Jesus the Savior?" or "am I like the fallen brother Lucifer?", do I look in or out and often I find myself slipping into bad habits in selfishness not giving my all, I am not perfect and I talk about myself way too much, but I hope that some of you may benefit from what I say and learn because otherwise writing is pointless. 

Elder Gillen on p-day he is in Deridder
 Elder Toone on the left is being trained by Elder Gillen, and I think Elder Hepworth in the background
 Just one more and Elder Gillen posed a lot. Also Elder Ryan is district leader in Leesville training Elder Smith and the Lee sisters are Sister Thornly, who is training Sister Abercrombie, and going home after Hepworth does this transfer so in two transfers, Sister Neely from my MTC district is in Deridder and training Sister Richardson.

Whatever is worth it to the souls of my friends and acquaintances  back at home matters most, this mission is not mine, it is God's. It is the Savior's. It is all of our mission to fulfill our Fathers words and do that which is good, and bring those to their potential to see that they may come with us into the kingdom of God to obtain eternal life. Fear tries to destroy us and tell us we are not who we are, that we have no purpose that we are too small, that we cannot do or be like the Savior but those feelings and thoughts are wrong. We have it within us, we can do all that which is good in any circumstance. Optimism will win any battle against the devil, he cannot stop repentance unless we let him. I didn't come out here for myself, I mean I know that some of it should be for myself, but it just doesn't matter what happens to me. I am trying my best, but if I don't love and help my brothers and sisters I have no gain and no growth, I love you all so much, I did this for my family, for my ancestors, for Jesus Christ and for those who may look at me and need an example. I am a terrible example to follow but I will try my best to do what you and God would have me do, it makes me happy to please and love others, none of you give up.

I have had dreams and feelings that those who read these might not be keeping up or might be getting discouraged in some way, but know that the Savior loves you, read the conference talks and pray and read scripture,s go to the lord for help, and please talk to me. I haven't heard from Rachel Daines or Bryan Daines or Sammy Petersen or Emmeline Swink or Sarah Hall or hardly any drama kids in awhile and I hate hate hate to use specific peoples but If I don't then y'all won't get tagged by mom ;) but I really love y'all!! and want to hear even a sentence of your lives. I cannot just sit back and pretend that I am not responsible for those I call best friends. I really am because I made the commitment to stand by them in any storm and any trial and so I will. I am filled with love for all y'all and hope to hear soon.

Never give up home, always be humble, find yourselves and you will find God

Love Elder,

Joshua Dean Rush

And an FYI for writing:
New address
Elder Joshua Rush
301 Meadow Drive Apt 10
Oakdale, LA 71463
Or email

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