Sunday, November 8, 2015

Finisher of things I start.....

Oct. 26, 2015
Us after the Ward Trunk or Treat
Hello Dearest Friends and Family,
  I truly love it in this beautiful city. Even the cracked roads with bumps. With new and improved potholes filled with wonderful rain water. It's quite lovely to splash all over. Other news...Uhh the members children really like me, not sure what it is but children and animals are always my best friends so maybe pediatrician or veterinarian is a destiny, or if I really want to do some service, a teacher. 
Our district leader on P-Day, yes he ripped right through the tramp
  We have about 3 investigators. One less active guy who is progressing really well and he is one of the nicest guys, I tell ya.. The investigators struggle a bit with coming to church, but pretty much anyone struggles with that as far as I have seen. Finding people requires much effort, so now I feel all the more motivated to really bother/save/talk to people because we just ain't got time to be dilly dallying! Y'all who pray for rain remember one thing, pray that it will rain at opportune parts of the day or night instead of during the most active times of the day, it would really help!
I ate too many Reese's Peanut Butter cups
Learning day by day and trying to help others learn is the best way to keep trying. Because at least we know something so we can potentially learn more and learning is doing also, which is great for progressing the testimony.
this is Elder Allen on the phone yay
our bikes...wahoo
I don't really remember much of what happens anymore beside biking raining and the blessing of being fed on occasion by charitable saints, but I do know it is quite the work and it's hard and its long but it's very special and oh so sacred to the Lord. Love y'all so so so much mmk
-elder joshua dean rush
 Lights and more partying, 80's Rock Band for Homecoming

Nov. 2, 2015

Hello my dearest Friends and Family,
  I won't lie to ya. Helaman 5:12 surely is literal. I've had shafts in the whirlwind, fiery darts, and all sorts of the wiles of Satan coming at Elder Allen and I this week. Unfortunate for him (satan), we have the hope of God in us, and he was unable to deter our efforts.
This is the Caine River, I think
   It has been raining quite often which makes biking difficult but even amidst that we overcame and had more progress on days that didn't rain than we have on just average days. We have found several people who we hope to continue to visit, but if not then we keep moving. I don't think a day this week we have really been able to go home for anything, we just have to have an early lunch and find water to drink on the way so we can do all we can. 
These are the beautiful gardens on Front Street
   It's been a lot of high and low points, and it's hard to bounce back between the two, but praying helps, and studying helps and the fact that I have many of you rooting for me helps. There is just no way that I can give up this far or with all this effort put forth, too much at stake with Gods sweet children. I would never consider giving up because I have decided that I am a finisher of things that I start. 
 Homecoming Parade for NSU (Northwestern Sate University)

   Even when you don't know what is going to happen and the uncertainty of life hangs over you as a constant reminder of the unknown, there is one hope that Christ, who knows all, knows you're future and He promises blessings as long as you do what He says. He asks a lot of things, and they are simple, but in application they are quite difficult, the most important call is to share His love that is called charity. It's so hard to have this feeling all the time, it requires the Spirit which requires efforts of great immensity to have an effect on the heart. 
 Drill Team and Cheerleaders

  I wish you all the best and hope you all joy and goodness in life. Don't forget the Saviour, it's much too painful when we do. I wish, has become, I will! We will find a family y'all, and if not myself then hopefully through my efforts for this vineyard I care infinitely about. 
Love - Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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