Sunday, October 25, 2015

Transferred....Natchitoches, LA

Oct, 19, 2015

Dear friends and Family,
  Apparently the Library in Natchitoches doesn't let us upload photos, so I don't know how I will ever get y'all any more any case. I am in Natchitoches, and 9 times out of 10 you are all likely saying it wrong, if you don't know how to say it look it up. (But try saying it like Nack-a-dash). We have a huge ward...not in Utah terms huge, but it was bigger than all the places I have been for my entire mission (when i was in Albany ward there weren't but 40 people or so maybe every week now it's like 150). It threw me off because I won't be able to learn all the members names in like 4 days, like I usually can. 
I think this is Front Street
  We have to bike so we only have time to see investigators half of the time cause it takes awhile between appointments. We have to contact constantly which works well because I love talking to people. It is a car share area but Sister Carpenter's knee is getting a surgery soon, so they kind of need the car, which is no problem, we are just gonna try extra hard, right? 

  Some miracles that happened; We found 3 new investigators one day and 5 the next, we contacted all kinds of people and we got to go to this SUPER AWESOME parade for NSU (Northwestern Louisiana State) Homecoming and then they had this amazing 80's rock concert on this place called Front Street. It's from the year 1800 or something, because Natchitoches is so old, and so beautiful, it's so darn gorgeous up here I'm kind of upset about not having any way to send you all these amazing pictures.
Prudhomme-Rouquier House in Natchitoches, La
   Some amazing things are gonna happen this time around. Elder Chandler Allen is the best companion eva so we are going to see the work explode or die trying. He is from Eagle Point, Utah goin' to BYU and he is quite mellow. So things are good up in the mission dear people. 
Work hard, get blessings, praise the Lord holla
love - elder joshua dean rush

I found some pics to show how pretty Natchitoches is, hopefully we'll figure out something for his pics...Michelle

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