Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fishing, Armadillos and Texas.....

Sept. 28, 2015
We went fishing!
Dear Friends and Family,

  Everything is GOING SUPERB, let me explain to you exactly why. We have about 1 and 1/2 investigators progressing, the doors keep on slammin', until today, it's still been hotter than Hades, and it's still extremely stressful to be a missionary in the Last days. Now that wasn't particularly positive, but splendidly it doesn't have to be, because it's how I feel about these things. 
   I feel stronger, more firm in the faith, more in control and more fired up than I have been on this 2 year excursion. Something happened one day this week, I was really searching my soul for my reasons and my motivation and I have been studying the protestant "salvation by grace" concept (Read john 2:16-19 for salvation) really applying myself with all my heart to access that power that these people seem to have knowing there Saviour, even in the possibly skewed way that they do. They truly know who He is, and what His Spirit feels like. As sudden as a rush of Autumn winds, I felt it. I feel as though weights off my trodden feet and off my hard heart have been lifted. 

  The Love of these people has finally spilled into my own little, over critical, analytical heart, and it feels swell. I've found that the sacred power of the Hymns comes in singing them often, feeling them, applying your heart as you sing them! How important those soft words are to one who is troubled by the hardness of the world. Take it from me, I know those are inspired beautiful pieces of scripture, use them as such.
 We also have been helping a friend of ours quit smoking, which will turn into conversion? haha pray for it. Take care brethren and sisters, share your hearts and cling to the Spirit.

Hey sure love ya'll, and I like being a missionary it's pretty cool ;)

Peace and Love and Jesus 

-Elder Joshua Dean Rush
Oct. 4, 2015
They went to the border of their area for Texas pics!
So this week Josh didn't know what to write about so I asked him a bunch of questions and he replied to those....So here's our Q & A:

Anything happening with the teaching? Are you still trying to get that guy to stop smoking?
So It's a girl to stop smoking, and she has been sick for weeks. 
Meet any new people?

We haven't taught anyone...we don't have anybody but less-actives and this week was particularly slow.
Haven't found anyone in all the tracting we have been doin'.
We did however meet a nice first baptist family that invited us back.
What's the weather like?
The weather is cool 70 or lower its been reallllll nice.
Have any good food?

 Sister Cornia
Sister Tomblin
The sisters made peanut butter pie which i ate half of during conference potluck.
Read any good scriptures? Ones people could "ponderize"?

and yes Isaiah 51:3 
How's the ward? Any interesting people?

The ward is doing better.

What's up with the armadillo?
Yes we caught an armadillo last night. 

Story goes: For the past few weeks we have been trying to catch this little critter (armadillo) and he has been digging and literally destroying our little apartment complex. Though the owners or maintenance didn't notice, Elder Rush did, and Elder Ralph really likes to catch things. So we tracked it and tried to chase it down a few nights in a row due to them being nocturnal. We even tried a little worm bait to get him out of his hole more often. Turns out his hole is under a little shed making the shed unstable, of course, with holes all under it. So we poured some water down his hole, he popped up and...WACK, I use the epic strength and power of Thor's Hammer to get him in the noggin'. He died quickly. We then skin him and clean him and now we gonna make a roast, apparently they taste like steak. :D

#love ya'll -Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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