Sunday, May 3, 2015

Frisbee, burgers and rekindling the fire.....

April 26, 2015
Playing Frisbee in the Rain!
Dear Friends and Family, 
   This week was crazy and now its going to get even more crazy, my dear Elder Anderson is getting transferred somewhere else, and therefore tomorrow I will be getting a new companion. Elder Netzley is heading out to Brazil and this transfer has Elder Barker going home with a bunch of other wonderful friends, but in life comes change and with change comes adaptation, and with that comes strength, so all will be well.
   We had 3 less-actives and 2 investigators come to church this week. It was an amazing miracle to see one of the LA's who came, and he came without his wife who wanted to come originally, but he decided to come on his own due to her being sick. It's impressive to see when less-active members begin to rekindle that fire they once had, and embrace the gospel, we have a few, including the one aforementioned, that are working toward the temple, and that is as important as any baptism.
We ate a 3 pound burger (Elder shaeffer and I) at this bbq station in Independence, Louisiana, it was pretty awesome!

   I'm learnin' to love and I'm lovin' to learn, this mission has been real good to me, all the obstacles previously in my path seem to dissipate away and, maybe I esteemed myself as weaker than God intended me to be. How blessed my life has been out here, all the friends and memories, and blessings in my family. It is worth every ounce of sweat and every tear. It's a service only God really sees, day by day, in our hearts and minds. Christ is a kind leader to give us such an amazing organization in this church, where things move near flawless even on grounds of imperfect people. It is indeed a stone cut out of a mountain that is filling the whole earth.
   I am excited to see my family again for Mother's Day, I'm excited to see what blessings will come out of this small and strong little branch.
Love y'all,
-elder joshua dean rush

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