Saturday, May 16, 2015

2 for the price of one!! Welcome to May!

May 4, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

   It's been a fantastic start to this new transfer. I mean really it's been full of all kinds of success. The first few days were slow because it was transfer week and there was lots of packing and P-day was on Tuesday, and Wednesday is always an all day ordeal for transfer meetings. We went finding most of the week, which includes the ever interesting method of Tracting. We found a part-member family who want to start learning from us, and that gives us a lot of hope that we can get this branch up and moving.
This would be the District.. lol.. Staley Groesbeck Fredrickson

   I love my new companion, Elder Tucker Staley from Syracuse, Utah, with 4 siblings including himself, and a quiet confidence about him. He is awesome and super nice, it's going to be a good transfer and we have a really good district. It's actually exciting to see the success that our sisters have been having. I mean we have been helping them with less-actives that we have been working with, but that's really with only one family. There was around 4 less-actives at church this last Sunday, and I tell you what! ain't nothing feel better than a change of heart and a renewal of testimony. It's a blessing to see God's work stir the hearts of people that have already accepted us and the message.
The Croc in Ponch

   Lots of success and lots of fun every single day, I have a few pictures from like a month ago so enjoy that! Love you all so much, it turns out when you have faith and say that you want to have more faith, its given to ya, and suddenly the things that held you back no longer hold you back anymore. I'm feelin free and feelin' real real good y'all. It just so happens that I have felt this and found my own testimony of how this gospel works in perfecting the saints. It sure has been workin hard on me being super imperfect, but looks like a teenager can actually help guide lots of people closer to their Saviour. It isn't me who made it possible, but surely it was the Spirit. He is my best buddy!!
Strawberry Festival Y'all

Love, Elder Joshua Dean Rush

May 11, 2015

Dear everyone,
I uhh pretty much told y'all what was up so I mean I hope everyone else is doing alright. It was good to talk to the family. To all my friends, keep on keepin' on. It ain't as hard as we make it, and anything we put our heart in usually becomes much easier, as long as its along with what the Lord wants. Find that out cause he needs all of us!!
Bikers Yo'

Love "the lazy" Elder Rush

p.s. also pray because honestly that makes everything better.

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