Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pizza Death, Mudding, Tracting and More.....

November 17, 2014
so this pic is only the beginning of the things that have Rush on them, so be ready HAHA we own Oakdale

Dear Family and Friends, 
    This week a lot of small and unfortunate things happened to me. First on the list was that I was cooking a pizza in our oven and dropped it in between the rack and it set fire and set the smoke alarm off...so I didn't eat it and that was quite the trial losing that dear pizza ha. The next fun thing that happened was definitely fun. I bought a USB a while ago to put music on and collect music from other missionaries, and I always copied my music from my Ipod so I had all my music in an easy place. Lots of the cars have usb ports so its nifty. I was making a CD and wanted to clear and format the CD to do it again, and accidentally formatted my USB. It's all clean and awesome now and the music was not able to be recovered. I only teared up (not really) a little bit. There is one more instance that just makes this opening paragraph so much more worth it. Elder Barker and I were getting gasoline and it slipped when I was putting it away and gas just kinda got everywhere on my feet and the bottom of the car....but! I survived, isn't the grace of Christ just so all powerful and all encompassing to give us joy when we need it.
Pizza Death

    In reality almost everything just blurs together more and more as I have been out longer and longer so I cannot remember what happened when or even things that happened if they weren't super interesting. 
    As we have been searching our old records from former investigators and potential investigators we have had quite a bit of luck and made some return appointments and will hopefully be having some awesome progress in the area here soon. Working hard every day and having fun is getting everything done! Everyday is a huge adventure as Elder Barker and I just enjoy one another's company and nothing is ever boring or fruitless. Having a hopeful/enthusiastic/loving/optimistic attitude literally wins every fight the adversary wages against us, not even just missionaries but all people everywhere. 
Oakdale Sunset
 tree...in the house

    Just the other day on Sunday we have 2 return appointments with some very hopeful soon to be investigators. This one family we met is the Barker family (funny right?) and they were taught by a Sister Rachel Schulz? a long time ago and loved the missionaries and apparently they just got dropped but we are going back and I am quite excited!!! The other guy we met was a family referral and he comes to church pretty often named Jimmy. We accidentally let his dog out of his house but we, in the rain, cornered and eventually shepherded her back to Jimmy and then had a good first lesson with him. 
Brother and Sister Hastings, Elder Barker and Elder Rush

    I feel so happy right now, so very fulfilled. I am a new person but I am still me, just a better me, how I am supposed to be. This companionship is such a blessing and Elder Kade Barker is a super awesome friend. He is one of those I am sure I will keep for a long long time in life. We had an adventure yesterday that just says how awesome he is. We go to the Hastings house and have dinner with correlation every Sunday night and it was pouring buckets of rain. We usually park under their carport and it has no concrete...so We ended up getting stuck in a ton of mud but our rocking skills helped us escape. The car was covered and the adventure was fun, but the lesson later that night was so very excellent. We have a spirit of unity that ya'll just wouldn't even believe.
:D look its me in there
 car...after mudding out of parking cover

    I hope to love and love to hope and honestly that's pretty much how it has been going once I really figured out some of my eternal potential. Our potential is so amazing everyone, so much is in store and I love you all so very much and I hope my prayers for you are somehow helping. I know that hope in Christ is trust in him and love for him is love for others. Read the words of the prophets of the Book of Mormon, of the New Testament and the Old, they have words that offer you peace. They teach you of forgiveness of a change of heart, and when you have such, it rids our souls of any kind of darkness. It really will make you happy, it makes every person out here happy when they read it, even non members. The word of God is the hope of God. When I testify with my companion of the truth of the Book of Mormon and the atonement of the dear Messiah I feel him about me. Its not a fake feeling caused by a "programming" of my brain and morals from youth. It is real, God is real, Jesus Christ is real, The Holy Ghost is real. The adversary Lucifer is also real, and this life doesn't end when we die, eternal creatures like us have purpose greater than what the mind of man can understand. I love Oakdale and I know I was sent here for a purpose and it helps me because this town is owned by a Rush family that are very wealthy and through some family history research turns out distantly we are related. I belong here and know who my Savior is and love sharing it. I hope ya'll have a good week!!!

Love ya,

Elder Joshua Dean Rush 
    I died :D tracting all day cause we can

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