Saturday, September 6, 2014

I love to see the Temple....

Sister McEntire on the Left and Stephens on the right

September 1, 2014
Dear Friends and Family,

    Thank you for your continued support whether it be in physical representations or your prayers. I can feel the love that emanates in my heart, when I pray for each of you of whom I care so deeply for. I feel that you are also praying for me and I know that some of you may or may not actually, but your thoughts and prayers are sent my way, and I feel the warmth every time, so thank you. I have recovered from my sickness, and I am up and kicking just as hard as I was before, nothing can keep me down for too long anyways. I hope each of you remembers most of all I love you so much, so ya, just so you know.
   Well, I have been enjoying all the new changes from transfers, the new Amite sisters are pretty great, and Sister Stephens is a great missionary who unfortunately is going home after this transfer, so her poor trainee has to be follow up trained (Sister Plumb) but hopefully the new pick up in the work will help that whole situation. Also, My good friend, Elder Brown and Elder Whittier (who both came out with me) are now companions in Hammond due to the fact their trainers both have busted wrists and can't bike, so they swapped the trainees, both into the area where they could bike so it's stressful and hilarious at the same time for Elder Brown. They get to train each other, those lucky dogs, I am not jealous of their new found situation.
I slowly attack Elder Larkin

 Elder Rush and Elder Larkin

    Nikki Horton finally came to church! She listened to my talk and brought her whole family minus her husband who had to work! I WAS PUMPED UP, pretty much best Sunday out here so far, just saying. She is continuing to take lessons which we are now wrapping up here soon, and if she keeps coming to church baptism is imminent, so that's some pretty darn great flipping news. We had a less active, Leo Smith, drop us the other day. His church he is going to now built him a ramp and also has been telling him stuff about not joining us so that sucks. We can still visit, but it won't be pushing for coming to church or going to the Temple any time soon. How sad right? but it's alright.
   We had the most insane storm the other rained buckets upon buckets of water, and the best part is we went to the Aultmans to go help build them a shed outside, and hopefully get the roof on before it rained...nope. We were in pouring rain for like 3 hours and that was invigorating (it was finally somewhat cool and I was a happyish camper). Another bit of good news we had yesterday, while Amite Elders were staying the night like usual on Mondays, we had our air conditioner break and so I could not sleep last night in the 85 degree four man huddle of pain in a fire swamp. It's okay though, I only felt like I was gonna die like twice over the whole night, and eventually passed out because I was so exhausted. HOORAY for good news.

Temple Trip

    Okay more good news, here it comes, We got to finally go to the Baton Rouge Temple the other day!! I got lots of pictures, and for those of you wondering what the color is, it's olive greenish color, it's way pretty. It's small and there is no baptismal font basement (but it is lower) I'm thinking they can't put basements in Baton Rouge because it's lower than the water table :-)but it was freakin sweet! I got me some good peace of mind there and I was stoked about the pictures and being there the first time, so ya that was a dang good day. If you aren't thinking of a mission ladies and gents, then I admonish you to seek instead for the temple, the blessings held within are of crucial importance and give a unique sense of peace. It is the house and sanctuary of our Father in Heaven, there is no where else better for you to be in this world. Seriously though Temple=Super Revelatory=Jesus=Happy life. Y'all remember that pattern now mmk.
That's me happy and super excited about my new Brigham Young book that came in the mail and the sad one is Elder Larkin threatening to burn it. lol

 Me Posing

    Missionaries around me and around the mission are struggling with all kinds of things, so please continue to pray for them. As I continue to stay diligent, and to seek for my talents and abilities to give the Lord on this mission, I come to realize I have come to lift other missionaries more than any other thing. I simply do not have the trials and baggage that I had in the past, my anxiety, depression and ADHD are seemingly healed. My temperance is lighter, and my soul is ever in a lighthearted fullness of joy invigoration. I do not know why the Lord has taken those trials away, and why all of this mission seems to be indeed difficult but nothing of which I cannot bare, but I know it is for a wise purpose and, therefore, I must use it to the best I can. Hasten the work brothers and sisters. It is our duty.
    I love Isaiah and 2 Nephi. That's all I have to say. Y'all read it, it's amazing.
I love you all so very much and hope you the best.
-Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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