Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I am driving!!!! and I love these people....

Group pic from the temple trip, from Elder Larkin's camera

September 15, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
   I hope with all the letters in the mail that I am sending that they are all arriving to you safely and promptly. Also shout out to my sisters Morgan, Sarah and Abby for being awesome!!! 
   So this week I decided I want to be a scholar of Religion and probably a seminary teacher, doctor sounds nice, and makes good money, but suddenly nothing is really about money anymore. Being down here where so many people have nothing (except a ford mustang in their yard, yeah I don't understand that either) I really wonder at the state of the world, and it saddens me to see so many souls wander about in the mists of darkness. Stay on the path everyone okay?! You do not want to have to deal with me, I am a bold bold missionary, I tell them what is and how to obtain what they want and invite often, so don't think you can slide off the path while I am watching.  ;-)
    My favorite things this week are, USU, MLP (My Little Pony), and the 2nd general epistle of Peter! Yay for those things and such. I had quite the interesting week, usually when I would get upset, I would cry or be sensitive to things, but as of recent, I merely get frustrated and angry, usually focused at myself for actually feeling angry, so that is an interesting trial for the sensitive cry-baby child; but thankfully Christ has my back in everything. My calling in this life was no coincidence, I was elected in the Pre-Mortal existence to do what I am now doing, and so I continue to search for the purpose of my life through faith and obedience that the Father hath given me. I can attain so much and this life is so little in the grand scale of time in eternity, but I will continue to magnify as best I can for all of you back at home relying on my strength and service for your support.
His inspirational motto this week

    Nikki will be getting baptized on the 27th of this month of September, and what an amazing gift I get to witness for the first time in my relatively short amount of life!!! Her son Caleb is 7 and is already peaking interest in all the things we have taught, and so the gospel in that family reverberates and is filling them so quickly. Elder Larkin and I continue to be polar opposites in perfect unity, and to tell you the truth, loving him feels pretty dang good y'all. As I have studied the doctrines of Salvation and Exaltation in the scriptures, I came to find again that my name Joshua means - God Is Hope - and it really intrigued me that I had always struggled with Hope for myself, or otherwise in any self-confidence, but as I have worked, now I believe, it to be one of the strongest qualities The Father has blessed me with.
   Study the scriptures and your Patriarchal blessing (if you have received one) the path is clear, but the efforts of us as saints never ever stop. I love these people not merely because I teach and deal and ponder on them, but because I know who I am finally as Christ's little brother, I am coming to know the realities of Him and His divinity in my life. How I can better use what I read and become like those of whom I admire, from the Record of the Jews (The Bible), the Nephites (The Book of Mormon) and of those in my life. Music is an important tool, use it as the Spirit guides your feelings. Trust often the Spirit, and dampen not his gentle caress. I am happier today than yesterday and have found myself closer to God as well. Slow to be angry and quick to forgive is the Savior's call, and to give up everything in his name, even family, money, occupation. The more you do so in these the latter days, you will find the peace no other entity can give but that of Jesus Christ.
Another one of me, Sisters Stephens and Mcentire, cause we tight, and specialized training was really really good for that week.

    Make yourselves sure upon the rock. I cannot say how many times I have fallen in my feelings, yet the Savior has lifted me up out of these feelings of despair and frustration, Miracles happen each day, people are found in every corner and are curious to learn. Leonard Smith is still reading his Book of Mormon in spite of his Preacher's warnings, and we are still visiting him and he will attend church this week.
    We have a zone p-day where everyone is coming to our building today to have the most fun, and I am excited to be with my fellows who teach. Grow as much as you can, if you are my friend, find Christ, where he goes not many follow, but me and my house, we will follow Him. Remember that modesty and meekness are the stepping stones to Virtue which in turn leads to Charity which is our goal. To fulfill the covenant of Abraham and be as the Sons and Daughters of God. I love you all so very very much and miss you daily, but I cannot return until my work is completed.
Love always,
-Elder Joshua Dean Rush
OH P.S. I am driving because Elder Larkin got red dotted (unable to drive for his mission) by hitting a pole, and have almost been dying in this new environment, please tell everyone to pray for me! I suck at driving (especially here and in the city) but don't worry I'm doing better than a few weeks ago (driving for like a month). Hopefully, the cost will be low enough to un red dot him which should be...anyway yeaaaaa.

So this was an added on part of his letter and I'm not sure if I was supposed to share it, but yeah, I am, so hoping that's ok :-) And while I'm adding on...A few weeks ago I told him that we are selling his car and his response was so funny that I've decided to add that on here too! ;-)

That news about my car causes sorrow in my heart, though I do grow a greater appreciation down here for nice tires ("hoopdies" as they are called are crazy ghetto cars with sick wheels/rims) and nice sound systems with lots of bass, so maybe I will have to make my own ghetto southern rider.  :-)

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