Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Best Darn Lemonade....

June 15, 2015
Brownie Birthday
Dear Friends and Family,
  When the Lord gives you lemons, you make the best darn lemonade you can, because Christ sure deserves it!! So when I say that I mean when you can't use a car to get places then you bike to places. 20 mile rides around town Amite to Hammond, Amite to Independence, Amite to Roseland, it's like a bike party palooza down here in the south. It gets the job done folks and the job is more important than you, me, and even your new Harley (or smartphone).
More Birthday Pics

   On the first day of our new biking attitude, Satan must have really been upset or something, because a lot of cars almost hit us, then I done crashed into a ditch and got real dirty, and my chain fell off. BUT, ya know, that's how it goes, and I am alright so I am happy and the people of Amite were given the opportunity for salvation! Once your outside long enough in 92 degree weather its really not that bad, I mean pouring sweat and a smile on our faces sends the best message to the people around us. We ended up getting 2 referrals and having a lot of lessons, biking is somehow an exercise of faith, because it sure bears some amazing fruits. 

 sage pecna pork tenderloin with strawberry sauce over spinach

  We found a whole slew of new people to teach in all the cities surrounding Amite, and we even picked the sisters investigators up, who surprisingly didn't want to drop us! We have lots of fun as well, never a dull moment, which is good because I don't really like dull moments and half the time I make certain that they don't appear. Working hard neva felt so good brothers and sisters. Help your missionaries with their work and it will bring great blessings.
love y'all - Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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