Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another week of the Lord refining my soul...

February 16, 2015
ELDER NETZLEY AND ELDER RUSH FROM HYRUMMMMMM UTAHHHH. he is serving in our zone in the Many area

Dear Friends and Family, 
   How are ya'll doing? Good, I would hope. Another interesting week in my interesting little mission life, so I will start with the fact that I got lots of pics this week so that was pretty cool. This week is the beginning of Mardis Gras celebrations and I saw a (very small) parade in Leesville this last Friday, which was fun to gather tons of beads at.
    First, I will start off with a mighty miracle that happened just a few days ago, on what day I can't remember, but it happened. We were trying to set up an appointment with a girl we tracted into a few weeks ago, but haven't had much success. We have been keeping in contact because she gave us her number because she studied abroad and had mormon friends where she was at so she was very polite and friendly. She is also young and would be great for this branchhhhh! We end up getting her on a day she ain't busy, and we text and ask if 500 is okay but she doesn't answer and its 530 so I needed some water from the Walmart as an emergency and this created a new direction for us. When we get to Walmart, right as we walk in, our Potential walks up to us and says "hi", seems totally cool and intro's us to her siblings and everything. They were gonna watch a movie so we decided to plan to come over some other time. The best thing is we got to see and talk to her again, and she definitely wants us to come over, not sure if she wants teaching and preaching, but we will see how that turns out in the coming weeks. The Lord directs us where we need to be always.
 beads with the bros yo

   Now for the activities that happened during Mardi Gras. We were able to go to a parade, if we had a member, so we decided to go up to Leesville to see the tiny parade they put on. The point is not in the parade, but in the amount of beads that you gather, and I will be sending those home in a package when I have more money for next month. Valentine's day packages be all like expensive sometimes, but anything for the sake of love to my sisters and my mommy!. We also got to spend time with our amazing district, which literally can never get old. When we left Leesville, we took the Deridder Elders with us to Alec (Elder Olsen and Sargeant) to see a farewell of a good friend Elder Barker had in Alexandria Ward. Good kid that is going to Mexico, join the ranks!! 

pics from Elder Bennet and I's exchange in Oakdale! HE'S AWESOME

   Never lose an opportunity to share with someone what makes you happy, and who you are as a Saint. We went to visit one of our members in the retirement home on Sunday to give her the sacrament, and we contacted another young (this time black, the first one was latina, I think) girl who was interested in having a bible study with us, especially because she really thinks it's cool what we do and sacrifice as missionaries.
   Not much else super special happened this week, I did learn however that life doesn't have to be extrordinary to be fulfilling. I also know that the Hastings are like the awesomest granparents and senior couple ever! We got to meet their children this Sunday, they came down from Arizona and they were just the cutest little family with the cutest little boy (rest of family was elsewhere) They got to speak in church, so the branch was pretty energized all day. We had 40 people come because we had so many visitors, the spirit burns with a whole lot of fire when so many people attend. I never noticed that before, but numbers truly increase the spirit. The sister from Leesville even came down and helped us teach our Vietnamese investigator the Plan of Salvation! She understood everything and we only have maybe 2 more lessons to fully teach and explain, maybe sometime soon we can actually get this baptism rollin'. For now she invited us to meet her family on Chinese New Year day up in Alec! She is so sweet and nice, it truly has been a blessing getting to know and teach her.
Sister Kay. (Kongaika-'Aholelei)
 Elder Sabeye (who's training Elder Netzley in Many) and Elder Smith who grew up with Elder Barker

   In spiritual matters, Oakdale does a good job of refining the soul. It is a wonderful place, but it is also a sad little place, so far away from others, it just seems like the people have no hope for a better situation. I know that this gospel will help them if they listen to this message. I will stay here forever if the Lord permits me, so that work can move forward and the branch can grow! I love this little city in such a strange way. Let the Lord shape you, because He knows the best way you can be shaped.

-Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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