Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Inspirational, fun, busy, exciting week!!

January 19, 2015
Zone Conference with Elder Teh
Dear Friends and Family, 
    How it brings a smile to my face when I have the opportunity to address all of you that read my letters every week. No matter if that be 5 or 50...I still care and it still makes me grin! I will let you all know, before things get to lengthy, that many easily remembered stories were created this week. I must be some kind of dork or something, I don't know, all I know is that you all should enjoy them and giggle as much as you need to. Also just wanted to mention I love you all so much!
    So our week starts out on p-day right, and that was today last week. After we emailed, we were picked up by the Elders in Leesville, Smith and Bennett (Bennett is super AWESOME), and the night before DeRidder slept over. All of this was due to us getting a ride with Leesville and DeRidder with the Hastings the next morning after we left (Tuesday morning), we went down to Baton Rouge! We stayed at a members house and they actually have a missionary that served at USU and is in the Logan mission area (Elder Tolbert). They are a lovely family and had plenty of space for all 4 of us to stay comfortably for the night. They fed us delicious food until we nearly exploded and we played jumbo Jenga. Literally 2x4 blocks stacked way high up...that was so much fun! We played teams and eventually Elder Bennett and I were defeated by the head of the house. We then proceeded the next morning to go to Zone Conference (I got to see a lot of friends so I was so so so happy and excited!)
Oreo Time with Elder Morrell
 hmmm more oreos, my favorite

    We had a 4 zone conference with Lafayette Zone, Alexandria Zone (ours), Denham Springs (my old zone), and the Baton Rouge Zones. We had a general authority come to visit and instruct us. Elder Teh of the seventy talked this last April on "Where your treasure is" and in 2007 "Out of small things" both of which are phenomenal talks. He asked us to read his talk, come and see, trifle not with sacred things, and which way do you face. He said and spoke so much so trying to convey the whole message would be hard, but basically just 'try not to be going with the flow in the current'. Go against the beaten and easy path because that is where true discipleship lies. Our beloved mission president decided it would be a good idea to recognize us publicly for the good job we were doing in Oakdale and how amazing we did in the pageant and all this stuff. It was a huge and kind compliment to us. Then Elder Morrell and Elder White gave instruction as the assistants to the president and asked us to participate, and so I mentioned that half the work is being optimistic and enthusiastic about all things so that love fills your soul when things become hard. Elder Morrell says that if you don't know elder Rush, he is definitely both of those words. I did enjoy the praise very much, but I think they might all just be fluffing us up a lot. Nonetheless, compliments are nice. Always make time to be kind and compliment people. Often times kind words are a saving grace for those who suffer in spiritual darkness.
Sister McEntire, Sister Pearson, and myself  
(my friend, Sister Stephens headed home)

    When it was all done it was around 4:30 (when we got out of there), and it was a 4 hour drive home. Thankfully, we were able to stay with the assistants that night so we didn't have to drive home until the next day! I was so happy, can I tell you how nice and awesome and super great examples our AP's are, they are such awesome, kind guys. It was so super super great to spend the night with them, and of course, it was a big fun party with the Baton Rouge elders and office elders being there as well. I even went on a mini exchange with Elder Jean-Louis who is from Haiti. He is the funniest guy, and I made a new friend in him! We went to a member house for dinner and I went because his companion was feeling ill. It was a lovely visit and the members were super awesome. Cute little girl they had who was just so fun to make faces at and get to giggle. Love kids.
me and Elder Brown (who is now a Zone Leader)
he is much awesomeness and great friend

    Next step is the mishaps of the week. Elder Barker tipped my recliner all the way backwards so that I fell into the closet and could not get out without doing this obnoxious upside down scootch dance. He, of course, took a video. The next one is rather uninteresting, but I have been getting bloody noses, it is funny that Elder Barker was having them really bad and then suddenly they stop and I have problems that I have never before experienced in life. How lovely. Final one was this morning. I wanted to take a bath so I prepared my bath like a good little missionary. Elder Barker told me not to fall asleep, therefore I didn't, but he decided to bring in a bucket of ice cold water anyway and pour it on my bath. I was so happy about that, and I am now very awake, extremely awake. 
    We found 2 young couple families, got in contact with our black couple who we thought dropped us and have an appointment, we are going to teach Nene English with the church program, Jimmy is progressing so well and hopefully is going to come to a realization of truth as soon as he reads. Our investigator who bought us groceries is still talking with us and hopefully we can have a lesson. The Hastings found a family who we are now going to teach. Finally we found 2 part member that we may be able to teach in the near future. It feels real good to be busy doing good things. Sometimes, we just have to bare simply having nothing happen about us and be action oriented and not reaction oriented. 
Elder White and Elder Morrell

    We talked in church this Saturday and I have a different message for ya'll back at home.
    Patience is a virtue, and yet so is kindness. Some people think that being patient isn't always being kind, but that is not right. We have to find it in our hearts to love one another and be kind. We are of the special flock, therefore, we are of a special kindness. Why not just give someone a high five, a smile or when appropriate a hug. Just to show them you care, the world no longer thinks God cares, and it is certainly our job to represent our God, who does indeed care. I have been really happy lately, it is possible that my up in medicinal dosage may be part of the factor, but not only that, I believe that faith precedes the miracle. I know that it does and it will give a new type of hope if we always remember all is in the Lord's hands. Joy is for everyone!!!

I hope and pray you are all safe and full of joy.

Love so much, Elder Joshua Dean Rush
(Josh said this was mostly for us, but it is just such an adorable pic
that I have to share as his mom :-)

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