Thursday, December 11, 2014

Never. EVER. Give up!!!

December 8, 2014
Elder Barker and Elder Rush

Dear Friends and Family,
    When you have a slow week, you can't get down. That is in all honesty the great and wonderful piece of knowledge I got this week. I am so very comforted at the fact I got so many emails from the ward and my family today, it really shows how much more grateful I need to be everyday, because so many of you out there are right there helping me along. Christmas is right around the corner and I can feel the lightness in the air as the world remembers the great elder Brother who is Jesus and his great power to deliver.

    We picked up a new investigator this week. His name is Justin and he is 10 years old, and the grandson of a member named Gwen Allsbury. They are a sweet and kind black family and Sister Allsbury is probably one of the best gospel doctrine teachers, I enjoy her lessons when she doesn't have to work on Sunday. We were able to teach him twice this week and to tell ya the truth it was pretty awesome both times. We taught him the basic restoration lesson and then brought over Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration that I had burned onto a DVD. It is the best video on when it comes to the life of Joseph . He loved it and listened and watched both instances we taught him and everyone who ever talks to the kid knows he is a special spirit indeed. We are so excited to have his baptism at the end of this month, it's a fun trip up to Alexandria because we don't have a baptismal font in our branch building. He got student of the month last month, and is a really good kid, with an amazing grandmother of course. She herself was learning and remembered the story of Joseph and other fun things as we taught Justin, and I think that she asked more questions than he did. She is reading through the BoM again and we are excited for her. Her testimony this month was one of the most powerful by far in the meeting. Everyone seemed to focus on Hope and being strong and always remembering the Book of Mormon and how it can deeply convert our hearts to a healing Savior. I hope that everyone reads that little book, it is an inspiring and fulfilling one to read, it's truth surpasses any other in this world and many lives were given in it's creation.
Young Joseph Smith, First Vision

    Our Vietnamese investigator Nene Is going wonderfully and as soon as I can memorize the baptismal invitation in Vietnamese then I am sure she will have a specific date. She came to church this week!! She said how much she loved it and how happy it made her and can I tell you that the testimony meeting that was held was definitely for her to hear. I just love her so much, she is the sweetest and she has a real knowledge of the word Trial. She went through a lot as a child and I believe God has prepared her to hear this word and we have been given the privilege to share the message. She participated in relief society and is always bright and happy to see us or learn something new about this gospel. The power of one person's courageous endurance of trial is a builder of faith. I have known who Jesus Christ is my whole life and yet I still struggled and shrank from many bitter cups. I felt often on the brink of destruction as our beloved Prophet Joseph did, and yet those who make it through this life with no knowledge of He who is mighty to save. How it saddens my soul to hear that many brothers and sisters in this world are suffering just as I have and some even more than what I consider my "sufferings" but have no Hope. I write this now thinking about how selfish I am to feel sorry for my condition or to be ungrateful for my life, and here is this sweet Nene who brought her whole family to America from Vietnam and suffered many things and puts a smile on her face.
Book of Mormon in Vietnamese

   Atonement is a word that means action, it means to be lifted, or to be rescued. It is from the Hebrew word Kaphar which means "to cover". Atonement is an outward action that covers over the error;   
  it is a word that one should always hold in reverence.
  Our Christmas Pageant is coming along well and I am excited to share the video with y'all when I get it and its' all finished. I hope that it will please the Lord more than anything, and that it will be good for President Hansen who will be attending. I love the fact that we quote scriptures in the pageant though. I talk as the shepherds in Mathew 2 and it really brings power when I say. "I believe in my heart, that there will be a Shepherd, that men WILL follow, as sheep follow us, and his name Shall be Jesus, which is to say Jehovah is salvation," Now that line isn't in the scriptures but it is my testimony. I know and do so believe that the God of this earth and the heavens truly came down to offer himself to us for repentance. HE wants us to change and wants us to return to Him and to have all that He hath which is all the Father hath. When life gets you to the point where you think you can't go forward or you will never grow, then that is when the greatest growth happens. I struggle, but in My Lord all is possible, This rowdy loud kid can be a Messenger of the word. Repentance can be achieved and this world does not have to be as dark as I think. Remember the blood and tears and sweat shed by our dear Christ. He did it to love us, so we can love one another, and I know that when we fill our hearts with love that it is from God. That we must love others, we must love ourselves and forgive those things that we love. I bear a solemn and humble witness that I know Jehovah has descended to earth and He will come again. I have pride and passions and weakness and Satan will always be my enemy who will never prevail. Never give in my loved ones, never let the adversary of our souls tell you, you can't or that you aren't. He will attack, but he has no power, Compared to the vast eternal Father of this universe, with worlds without number. His words are written and are to be sought diligently, Don't forget like I have, listen to a soul who is meek and lowly and remember that it is Jesus Christ the Messiah of old who can and will bring us joy in life. Never. EVER. Give up!!! I love you all, and appreciate your words that give me strength like a river. I pray for you fervently each night and leave you my love as my witness in the name of Jesus Christ the author of our salvation, the Savior amen.

Love -Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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