Saturday, September 5, 2015

The hotter it is, the more cool stuff happens...

Sept. 1, 2015
I love hats....I miss hats

Dear Friends and Family,

  It was transfer week this week, so I was really stressed out, like I always come to be in this pivotal time in the mission. I am now over it, because our entire district is staying, a miracle to write down, due to the fact it never EVER happens like that. I had some pictures of this Rush Rd. we found but I forgot my camera at home, thankfully Elder Ralph has some pics. We tried to contact this big Rush family that lives on this private road but they didn't seem interested, though they did actually acknowledge my last name this time! The hardest people to save must assuredly be kinsman, but if I find more I will seek them out!
  We found a nice, lady investigator with an 18 year old son who is pretty cool. She has seen the missionaries on and off for years and years, and may never join, but she loves having us over and loves feeding us, and maybe her son will join right? It's been a pretty good week of hitting doors in the hot hot sun, but the hotter it is the more cool stuff happens. Cool as in people let us into their AC house ;)
   I have been on my mission for a long time, so life is just mission and mission is just life. Talking to strangers everyday and smiling when people yell at me, it's such a nice little existence we have here on the border of Texas. 
Enjoy school those of you darlings that have that privilege, so long for now!!

Mantenga Jesús amorosa

-Elder Joshua Dean Rush

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